Jody P
Jody P



Languages I speak

  • English
  • Spanish

Who am I?

I'm an English as a second language Teacher in the Atlanta metropolitan area. I received my Masters degree in Applied Linguistics in 2014. I love Atlanta and I know a lot about it. I also like to travel and explore and spend time with my friends. I also enjoy helping non-native speakers gain confidence in conversations. So​,​ if​/​ when we meet​,​ ask me about 1-5 below so you can know more about me. I hope to meet you in the future. 1. Kingston 2. Agnes Scott​/​ GSU 3. Ikebukuro 4. Park Slope 5. Anastasia These are my favorite internet sites and social media personalities for teaching​/​studying English. Check them out if you want to improve! You Tube- Extra English Practice Instagram- EnglishwithKendall & englishingneral Websites- &

What I'm interested in

  • Arts & culture
  • Books & reading

My schedule of Topics

No specific schedule fixed for future


Reviews (1)

  • RM

    You are an amazing teacher and I am learning a lot with you. Each conversation class is a great opportunity to practice my listening and my speaking skills. Thanks Jody!

    Ricardo MDecember 2020

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