Privacy policy

Last updated: June 16, 2020

By using this application, you agree to the terms of the LinkaLocal Privacy Policy as defined hereafter. In using LinkaLocal or its services, you are providing LinkaLocal with an IP address from the computer, phone, tablet, or other device that you access the application from.

By creating a profile, you are providing LinkaLocal with your name and email address. LinkaLocal will keep both your name and email address in its database until it determines, in its sole discretion, when deletion is proper. In addition, any other personal data that a user provides to update their profile will also be stored on a LinkaLocal database. LinkaLocal collects all the information that the user provides via the profile, including name, occupation, email address, phone number, personal websites, LinkedIn links, etc. That information is shared with the host server database where it is stored indefinitely for use to optimize user experience.

LinkaLocal collects images provided by the user, and stores in its database, hosted by third-party provider. LinkaLocal, its employees, associates, affiliates, contractors, and agents, are the only people with access to the contents of the database, and the information therein.

Users who wish to change or remove their images and personal information from the LinkaLocal database must send a written request to the LinkaLocal admin, notifying the admin of what information is being requested to be changed or removed. Users may also choose to change or remove the information from their individual profile, or delete their profile entirely.

LinkaLocal is legally allowed to process the information gathered for its business operations in order to optimize the application, and service to user.

As a user, you are able to control your personal info in the following ways:

  • Request access to your personal info
  • Update your personal info
  • Delete external data that is no longer relevant
  • Request to delete your personal data
  • Request that LinkaLocal stop processing your data
  • Request that LinkaLocal deliver data to you or a 3 rd -party
  • Object to profiling or automated decision making that could impact you

LinkaLocal will not sell, re-publish, post, or send, this information to any third-party. This information is not used for any commercial purpose whatsoever, however, LinkaLocal reserves the right to change that at its discretion. It is your responsibility to monitor any changes in our Privacy Policy that may occur within LinkaLocal’s sole discretion.

§18 U.S.C. 1030 – Computer Fraud and Abuse Act

LINKALOCAL, and its contents, are protected by §18 U.S.C. 1030 – Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA). LINKALOCAL will seek any and all remedies under the CFAA against any unauthorized users of the application or its contents. LINKALOCAL takes privacy very seriously, and any attempt made to access unauthorized material, or to gain access without authority, will result in LINKALOCAL taking any and all legal remedies, including disclosing information to both the local and federal authorities.