We are a directory of language practitioners. Linkalocal offers a spectrum of language expertise which includes native speakers.


Put your smart phones away and start a...

conversation /practice a language /with a local native speaker/at convenient times/for affordable prices / discover fun ways to communicate /learn the local area/ gain confidence/ and learn outside the classroom!

What is LinkaLocal? Are you learning another language, but you need opportunities to practice it?

At Linkalocal, we believe learning a language can be a rewarding journey. But, we also know it's sometimes challenging to improve language skills without practicing it. So, on our platform we partner you with people in the local area who sign up to practice the targeted language with you. We call these native speakers Locals.

These Locals host small meetups to have discussions in the target language. Discussions vary in topic, day and time, but a few important things remain the same. Joining a discussion offers authentic practice with both interesting people from around the world and those right in your local neighborhood.

Who are the Locals?

We are speakers of the language and experts of the culture

Who do Locals support?

Locals support non native speakers by connecting in live discussion

Locals support language learners in the community. How do they help? By providing times to meet up and talk in the targeted language. Learners have opportunities to both practice what they already know, but to also enjoy the process through listening and speaking with other people about local life and culture.